Daylight Saving Time Ends: Sunday, November 7th

On a bi-annual basis, Facilities Management ensures that the transition of vital functions such as making certain the Lighting, Irrigation and Logistics & Infrastructural systems all transition smoothly affecting over 3 million square footage of building space and 50 acres of land take place at the start up and the end of Daylight Saving Time.


In recent years, Facilities Management has set 80% of the street and walk lights under the direct control of an automated system called Power Link, 10% still remain web enabled or are stand alone systems and 10% are still controlled by mechanical time clocks which require human intervention. About 50% of the buildings have automated systems for the internal lighting. The most common is the LCD control system (Blue Box) but we also have some Wattstopper and Siemens control panels. Very little actual manpower is now required to make certain all lights have been adapted to the time change.


Our Irrigation Supervisor can now perform tasks and perform procedures from his office computer. UCLA always strives to be as water efficient as possible, and can now control Evapotranspiration (ET) based irrigation scheduling, Flow Sensing, the Central Control Systems and the On Campus Weather Station. All the run times for the irrigation will always run during the most effective times, saving the University between 20 – 45% annually (depending upon fluctuation of water prices) whist besting the stringent Federal, State, County and City requirements.

Logistics and Infrastructural Systems 

Facilities Management has to be certain that systems which keep us safe are up and operational. Facilities Management is also in charge of maintaining:

  1. Clock Systems (various types)
    The new Visiplex clock system, in most of the campus buildings and CHS automatically adjusts for the start and end of daylight saving time.
  2. Fire Alarm Systems
    All of the fire alarm systems have to have their time manually adjusted and this is typically done after the time change usually within the following couple of weeks. But more importantly the main systems (AC-2’s) that monitor campus and CHS fire alarm panels at UCPD and Trouble Desk need to be manually updated that morning of the time change.
  3. Card Access Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems and Digital Video Recording Systems are typically adjusted by the client or Facilities Management by request.

Note: Several departments have opted to run their own updating of their Lighting and Logistics & Infrastructural systems. If you are not certain whether your department is part of such a program, please feel free to contact at the numbers below.

For Your Safety

As winter sets in, and with it the increase of darkness, safety becomes even more of a priority. Facilities Management changes aging bulbs on a daily basis and makes sure shrubbery and plants are cut back off of walk-ways so no light source is hindered. If by chance you see a light burn out, please report this to our Trouble Call Center at (310) 825-9236

For additional safety, please keep in mind that UCLA offers CSO Campus Escorts during the evening, call (310) 794-WALK or 4-9255. If you view circumstances that appear suspicious or make you feel unsafe, report your observations to UCPD Dispatch, (310) 825-1491.