GS Payroll Training for Supervisors

Welcome to General Services (GS). Supervisors will be required to attend an initial payroll or Kronos training session lasting three to four hours. GS uses the Kronos payroll system not only to pay employees but to bill its customers and to record employee personnel data. Because supervisors will need to know how to use all or some of the Kronos functions, it is critical that supervisors become familiar with the following resources:

  • Labor Contract Information 
  • Kronos Online Training Modules 
  • GS Payroll Members

Labor Contract Information

Supervisors can begin understanding their payroll and personnel responsibilities for their employees by studying University employee labor contracts. At UCLA and GS employees will be described as belonging to one of the following labor units:

  • Clerical and Allied Service Unit (CX) 
  • Non-Represented Unit (99) 
  • Patient Care Technical Unit (EX) 
  • Police Officers Unit (PA) 
  • Service Unit (SX) 
  • Skilled Craft Unit (K4) 
  • Techncial Unit (TX)

Supervisors not certain of the labor contracts for their employees should consult with their senior management or the GS Payroll Unit. The labor contracts are accessible at the Labor Contracts page on the UCLA CHR protal. Please view link in Realted Information.

Kronos Online Training Modules 

Supervisors have been provided the Kronos Online Training Modules to:

  • Understanding Kronos Responsibilities 
  • Use Kronos Functions 
  • Learn UCLA and GS Payroll & Personnel policies and procedures

The Kronos Online Training modules are available on an internet site outside of the Portal. The collection of comprehensive modules range in topics from 'Intro to Kronos Online', 'Swipes and Paycodes', 'Employee Injury' and eight additional will accelerate your learning. Please view related information for the link.

GS Payroll Members 

GS Payroll members are available to assist and train supervisors with policies, procedures, and systems. Our team members can be reached at the contact information below.

GS Payroll & Personnel
Phone: (310) 825-8200 | Fax: (310) 206-2112 | Mail Code: 152608

Facilities Management Building, Suite 3156
731 Charles E. Young Drive South
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1526