Navigating the Facilities Management Channel

The Facilities Management channel in the Campus Services portal is your gateway to helpful information and online business applications that are accessible 24 hours a day. The content is designed to meet the needs of a variety of users, but primarily aimed at the departmental representatives charged with requesting our services. Whether you are a first time user or are a frequent visitor, finding the information you need is easy. There are three distinct ways to find material: you can use the navigation bar on the left side of the portal, the search function at the top right of the page or the icons and related links on each overview page.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar lists specific sections of the portal organized by function including Building Repair & Maintenance, Energy Management, Landscape & Grounds, Recycling & Waste Management, Renovations & Alterations, and Space Inventory. The first entry on the navigation bar is Request Service. This area is designed for departmental representatives and contains information explaining the appropriate methods and funding sources for the variety of services provided by Facilities Management.

To use the navigation bar, simply scroll over the area of interest and click. This will take you to a corresponding landing page where you can zero in on more detailed subjects until you find exactly what you’re looking for. This method is a good choice if you have a general idea of what you’re looking for and want to see all the available information covered by your area of interest.

Quick Links

For easy and convenient access to the most frequently used on line business applications, simply go to the “MyFM Applications” bar. Located near the bottom Facilities Management landing page, the "MyFM Applications" will take you directly to the following applications in just one click:

  • Trouble Ticket Online 
  • Scheduled Outages 
  • Facilities Service Request 
  • Billing on the Web 
  • Campus Map

You may choose to bookmark these applications for more direct access.

Breadcrumb Navigation

If you feel like you took too many clicks past your destination, “breadcrumbs” will quickly get you back to your starting location. Positioned directly above the image at the top of each page, the breadcrumb bar keeps track of every section you visit on the portal. So if you venture off your desired path, simply click on each section in the breadcrumb bar until you find your original trail.

Google Search Function

In the upper right corner of the portal page is the Search function, which may help reduce the number of clicks to a particular topic. Simply type in the subject (e.g. white paper recycling), title (e.g. Facilities Use Policy) or specific portal area (e.g. On Line Billing) and click on the arrow button. This tool searches UCLA’s entire web content. Using the search function may work well if you have a specific topic, exact title or particular form in mind and want to get to it quickly, or if you’re not sure which subject area of the portal the content belongs.

Navigate with Confidence

Explore the site using the navigation bar, search function or a combination of both features and be sure to visit the areas designed for your specific needs. If you have any questions about the portal or locating FM-related information, contact Customer Relations for more details.