Updated On February 13, 2018 - 8:57am

Facilities Management Reorganization and Work Process Improvements

Facilities Management is currently undergoing a number of operational changes and work process improvements, working with an outside consultant with decades of experience in higher education facilities management Hickling and Associates. We are now in Phase III (of IV) of our implementation of the improvements, developing the detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to support the upcoming changes in our operations. We will share updates on the site when the process is completed. In addition to implementing new software solutions that will improve customer visibility to their work, we have also realigned our organization.

Over the years, our organization had been largely consolidated into two major operational areas, DPMO and M&A. Under this construct, our utilities engineers were separated from the rest of the trades, and custodial and grounds were under separate Directors. In addition to making recommendations about work process improvements, our consultant also recommended that we realign some of our operational functions to achieve greater synergy and efficiency. This includes realigning the utilities division such that the maintenance arm of it reports to M&A along with the other trades, and the building controls arm of it reports to the Energy Services Unit.  

The Grounds and Custodial units will merge upon the recruitment of a new Director, which should happen by Spring 2018, returning to a previous organization.

Finally, the cogeneration plant, energy programs, and our IT services groups will report directly to me, moves that will increase my direct command and control of the organization but again will be transparent to our clients.    

The new FM organizational chart is provided below for your information.  We are extremely confident this alignment will provide us with the most opportunities for organizational efficiency and effectiveness. This is an exciting and transformative time for FM. The coming changes in work process combined with this new organizational structure will allow us to deliver our services to campus more effectively and continue to develop the integration and teamwork across our entire Division. If you have any questions about the work process improvements or our new organizational structure, please contact FM Executive Officer Nurit Katz at nkatz@facnet.ucla.edu.

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