Updated On October 6, 2017 - 4:44pm

Facilities Management Helps UCLA’s Geffen Academy Open Its Doors

The Geffen Academy at UCLA began its first year of operation on September 5th, 2017.  The Academy is an innovative, University-affiliated college preparatory school for 6th through 12th grade students.  The Academy is being staged in the Kinross South Building for the 2017/2018 school year, while the permanent location (previous Kinross Building) is renovated.   A significant amount of time sensitive work needed to be accomplished in Kinross South during the summer of 2017 in order to make this historical UCLA milestone happen.   That’s where FM stepped in.

The Kinross South Building is a 20,000 square foot modular structure built in 2002 located along Wilshire Boulevard at the southeast edge of Parking Lot 36.  The building was previously occupied by the University Library Department, and needed significant upgrades and modifications in order to convert it into a middle/high school.  FM’s Design, Project Management and Operation (DPMO) team provided the architectural, engineering and construction support to make the transformations needed to stage the Academy in its temporary location by the impending September 5th deadline.

The scope of work included the addition of new restrooms, development of a cafeteria and food preparation area, construction of a science classroom, as well as modifications to improve accessibility.    The project was the last of a series of daisy chain projects, including the relocation of University Library personnel into newly, FM-renovated space in the Life Sciences Building, which had to be completed in order to accommodate the Academy.  Each project had a significantly short window of execution to ensure the Academy’s start of Fall Quarter classes was not delayed.   The FM project team of Tom Lukas, Valerie Bottaioli, Christopher Lewis, and Randy Stuckey exhibited extraordinary commitment and dedication while utilizing DPMO’s exclusive unit price contracting methodology and FM shops support to ensure the end goals of each project were achieved on time.

Geffen Academy Interior