Updated On August 31, 2016 - 1:13am

FM Installing Interior Door Locks on All General Assignment Classroom Doors

image of interior door locksIn the wake of the tragic June 1, 2016, shooting on campus, one of the most frequently expressed concerns was the inability for students and faculty to lock classroom doors and keep potential intruders out. Accordingly, Facilities Management is in the process of installing a push button lock on all 325 general assignment classroom doors by the start of the Fall quarter.

As shown in the photo, this relatively minor alteration to the existing door hardware features a button on the inside of the door that when pushed, flashes red every 15 seconds to let classroom occupants know that the door is locked. To unlock the door, the button needs to be pushed again, and it will flash green one time, indicating the door is unlocked. It is important for classroom occupants to remember to unlock the door before leaving the room or the door will remain locked, preventing members of the next class from accessing the classroom. As of Wednesday, August 31, 122 classroom doors in Boelter Hall, Math Sciences, Dodd Hall, LaKretz Hall and Bunche Hall have been completed. Meanwhile, departmental classrooms on campus are also being assessed to determine the requirements needed to enable them to be locked from the inside by classroom occupants.