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Summer Heating and Air Conditioning Reduction Program

2018 Summer HVAC Reduction Program 

To save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and cut campus operating costs over the summer period when occupancy is lower, the 2018 Summer HVAC Reduction Program will be implemented in a select group of buildings beginning on Saturday, June 23, 2018. The Program will cover 14 weekends and the July 4th and Labor Day Holidays. 

2018 Summer HVAC Reduction Dates 

Summer Weekends 2018 
Commence: Saturday June 23 
Conclude: Sunday September 23 

Holidays 2018 
July 4th Holiday: Wednesday July 4 
Labor Day Holiday: Monday September 3 

Buildings not listed will operate with normal schedules 
Building namestatusnotes/exceptions
Broad ArtOff 
Bunche Hall Off 
Campbell Hall Off 
Campus Services Building 1 OffData Center A/C to remain on 
Dodd Hall Off 
Doris Stein Eye Institute Off 
East Melnitz Building Off 
Facilities Management (Cogen) OffData Center A/C to remain on 
Haines Hall OffData Center A/C to remain on 
Hershey Hall Off 
Humanities Building Off 
Kaufman Hall Off 
Knudsen Hall Off 
La Kretz Hall Off 
Law Building Off 
Macgowan Hall OnNormal Schedule due to heavy Schedule 
Math Sciences OffData Center A/C to remain on 
Murphy Hall - East Off 
Murphy Hall - West Off 
Perloff Hall Off 
Physics & Astronomy Building OffLab areas to remain normal 
Powell Library Off 
Public Affairs Building OnArts Library Special Collections and Data Center A/C to remain on 
Public Health OnNormal Schedule to remain 
Rolfe Hall Off 
Royce Hall OnNormal Schedule to remain 
Strathmore Building OffMail Floor and Data Center A/C to remain on
West Alumni Center OffExceptions to be made per weekly events schedule 

Please refer to the 2018 Summer HVAC Reduction Notice for more information. 

All questions regarding the summer energy savings program should be directed to: 
Tommy Chin 
Associate Engineer, Energy Services 
Phone: (310) 825-8617 
Alternate Contact: 
Lewis Rosman 
Director, Energy Services 
Phone: (310) 206-3856 | Fax: (310) 206-4223 


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