Updated On September 30, 2016 - 1:13am

UCLA FM Saves Big Bucks for Campus Research Community

Recently, UCLA FM Utilities employees Glenn Phillips, Morgan Frazier, and Vinnie Carleton took on a complex project to rebuild six autoclaves for the Department of Human Genetics in the Gonda building.

From writing and developing the software to building out the mechanical package, these men saved the campus research community an estimated $200,000 compared to the cost of new autoclaves.   Moreover, with our research labs having to compete for research dollars like never before, this proven autoclave rebuild package has saved the campus nearly $2 million to date with 65 units in service.  Before and after photos of their amazing work are shown below.  FM is proud to boast the skill and ingenuity of technically skilled employees like Glenn, Morgan and Vinnie!

image of autoclaves