Updated On October 18, 2017 - 8:49am

Unavoidable Delays on the Charles E. Young Drive/Tiverton Traffic Signal Project

The CEY-South / Tiverton Traffic signal will provide many benefits.  Foremost among them is the increased safety that will result from having a signal controlled intersection at CEY-South and Tiverton Drive and a more precise alignment of the crosswalk and intersection at the PS 9 South Entry. The project also includes both a CEY-South east bound left turn lane and a west bound right turn lane into PS 9 Entry to mediate the traffic extending up CEY-South and down onto Westwood Plaza.

Unfortunately, unforeseen conditions have caused unavoidable delays on this $705,000 project.  Planned equipment foundations and system connection lines were found to be in conflict with unknown underground utilities and services.  This resulted in plan revisions and layout changes requiring additional engineering and Department Of Transportation (DOT) review and approvals.  This redesign phase is currently in progress while non-impacted construction work and field research continues.

Construction work times are limited by the site location forcing many tasks and activities to be completed off hours and weekends.  This has contributed to the extended schedule.  All efforts are being made to improve the schedule and accelerate the time frame by employing concurrent activities.

Below please find the current project time line which may require revision as results of the redesign become clarified.

  • October: Additional surveying and excavation to confirm proposed equipment locations viability.  DOT review & approval of plan revisions
  • November: Existing utility relocations, temporary traffic signal poles installation, PS 9 Entry concrete curb & gutter installation, Life Science Building electrical connection, concrete sidewalks and ramps installation
  • December: Excavation for equipment foundations, underground boring and conduit installation, conductors installation, roadway markings & signage installation
  • January 2018: Final system programming & commissioning

We sincerely regret any inconvenience.

Charles E. Young Drive / Tiverton