FM Shops Enhance Safety for UCLA’s Botanical Garden Visitors

  • July 02, 2021

FM’s Masons, Carpenters and Sheet Metal Workers recently provided a huge safety enhancement for visitors of UCLA’s sprawling Botanical Garden.   A steep and crude walkway leading down into the Garden from Tiverton Avenue had deteriorated over time and did not feature any sort of safety handrail, creating a significant fall hazard.   When Garden Director Victoria Sork brought this to FM’s attention, Dave Lamberth, Masons & Roofing Supervisor, went to work assembling the materials and skilled FM Shops resources needed to remedy the situation.   Dave was intimately familiar with this kind of work, having completed a similar project in the Garden only a few short years ago.  

Ultimately, the crew built a stable pathway with gradual steps and a secure handrail to enable visitors to safely descend into the Garden from Tiverton Avenue.   The project gave the Shops one more opportunity to showcase the amazing workmanship that they routinely produce for the Campus, and put a smile on Director Sork’s face as she continues to improve the Botanical Garden experience for all who visit there.  

Botanical Garden_ Before a (1)
Garden Path (Before)
Botanical Garden_After Elevation Profile (1)
         Garden Path (After)
Botanical Garden_Before1 (1)
Existing entrance with few steps and no handrail.
Botanical Garden_After1 (1)
New entrance with gradual steps and safety handrail.