Updated On October 6, 2018 - 7:38am

UCLA Custodial Moves to 311 Mobile App for Restroom Attention

311 custodial mobile appRecently, you may have noticed new signage on the backside of the restroom doors. Previously, the Custodial Department employees were signing off on “We Care” sheets placed on the back of restroom doors. Director of Custodial and Grounds, Justin Wisor, helped to develop a new way of ensuring our restrooms are receiving the attention they need.

In collaboration with Bonny Bentzin, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer and Kikei Wong, Zero Waste Coordinator for UCLA, the team brainstormed the new idea. Director Wisor stated, “Once Bonny and Kikei shared the idea with me, I knew we had to bring it to life. It aligns with our strategic goals of moving our process into the 21st century while supporting sustainability.” He estimates this will eliminate producing monthly sheets with a savings of approximately 14,000 sheets of paper for the campus.

Also, this change will create electronic metrics to better understand the service levels being provided. Director Wisor added, “By providing the information through the 311 App, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, concerns can be addressed timely. Once you have the app on your phone, you will be able to report issues right away. Moving to modern ways of communication we are able to reach all visitors that come to UCLA who encounter less than favorable restroom conditions.” It allows anyone on campus to reach out for service, not just building occupants.

 The 311 App also can be used for reporting additional issues such as maintenance issues and will keep you updated with ongoing communication from the Facilities Management organization. For those without a smart phone, encountering an emergency or just a general messy situation, the Trouble Call number is still listed on the bottom of the signage. Director Wisor is estimating the cost savings in the thousands of dollars for the University to be utilized on other aspects of their Custodial work, not including the environmental and sustainable benefits this utilizing program will provide. As the University continues to grow and work toward the Zero Waste 2020 initiative, it is crucial every step is to reduce waste, from the get go.