Along the Path to Zero Waste

  • October 21, 2019

waste audit lab session

One of the waste audit lab sessions held at Facilities Management.

Over the past year, Facilities Management (FM) has been hard at work implementing various waste diversion programs, collaborating with campus departments and student groups, and partnering with non-profit organizations to help UCLA move closer towards the Zero Waste Goal of diverting 90% of waste from landfill. Students and faculty helped conduct research through waste audits in which trash deposited into the landfill bin was sorted into compost, recycling, or landfill. This work was performed in select buildings that were critical to establishing a baseline diversion rate and understanding waste disposal behavior. This research subsequently propelled changes and new zero waste programs that you may have seen on campus.

3 stream flexe waste receptacle

Kikei Wong, Zero Waste Coordinator, led outreach and education efforts on campus and worked with pilot buildings who volunteered to install 3-stream waste bins. FM looked for opportunities to reduce and reuse, as seen in the campaign to reduce paper towel usage by composting restroom paper towel waste in formerly blue-colored and now repurposed green cans and in the transition to reusable landscape bags. New indoor and outdoor 3-stream waste receptacles have been installed throughout campus to improve accessibility to composting and recycling receptacles. FM is also pleased to announce the partnership with human-I-T, Two Bit Circus Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles to donate and repurpose electronics, off-cast materials, office supplies, and furniture to the local community. All of these efforts will help the campus reduce, reuse, and recycle to create a more sustainable environment. 

Any departments interested in learning more or implementing Zero Waste programs can contact Kikei at [email protected]

new lids for outdoor waste receptacles

New lids for outdoor waste receptacles and 3-stream FlexE waste receptacle (right)