Book Recycling Program Announced for CHS Complex

  • August 29, 2019

A new program has been launched supporting the David Geffen School of Medicine and surrounding medical buildings recycle of unused books and periodicals. The initiative came to life as the UCLA Zero Waste Task Force continues to develop strategies to connect client’s desires to recycle while assisting in diversion goals.

Justin Wisor, Director of Custodial and Grounds shared his appreciation for the partnership that has been developed with the Building Services Team for the CHS Complex. “Erin Quinn and Brenna Tam from the School of Medicine have been fantastic allies and supporters in helping to move towards Zero Waste for the Medical School Complex. Achieving Zero Waste in medical and laboratory settings can be challenging but not impossible. Support like this from our clients allows the sky to be the limit on what we can do.”

The idea for developing this concept came to life with collaboration of a team composed of Chris Gallego, Sr. Superintendent for Grounds, Zandy Eckrich, Manager Custodial Services and Zero Waste Coordinator, Kikei Wong.

The team identified an old roll-off bin that had not being serving a use for the campus. After some research the team identified over 1000 pounds of periodicals and books are discarded on annual basis from UCLA. With the refurbishment and redeployment of the bin to the CHS loading dock the bin will be able to capture and divert a number of these publications.

This program also shares in supporting safety for the Custodial and Grounds team’s members who handle the recycling and other heavier items. By giving a designated location for book recycling, occupants can now dispose directly of those items into the book roll-off bin and avoid the potential for heavier recycling bags within the buildings.

The UCLA Zero Waste Task Force welcomes other department’s participation in identifying opportunities for diversion. By working together, the opportunities to reduce, divert, and recycle waste are truly endless.