Updated On August 27, 2018 - 10:37am

Charles E Young Drive North Repaving Completed

Charles E Young Drive before and after pictures

For several years Facilities Management’s Design & Project Management (DPM) group has been provided funds to repave sections of roads on campus, maintaining the streets and making them safe for use.  This summer the section of Charles E Young (CEY) Drive North between Westwood Plaza and Royce Drive was selected for repaving.  The challenge for DPM Project Manager Boris Chernin was to coordinate the work to occur in the brief period of time when the LAB School summer classes were completed, Census at the Fernald Child Care Center was lowest and the General Contractor installing new conduits in support of the LAB School Power Upgrade Project was completed.

DPM coordinated planning meetings with Administration Staff from the Fernald Child Care Center, LAB School and AGSM to determine their needs and concerns.  Follow up meetings were held with Transportation Services and EH&S to create a temporary child drop off area on Royce Drive, schedule air monitoring in the Child Care Center to insure that dust levels were safe and the creation of temporary parking spaces in PS04 to make up for the loss of Staff parking spaces on CEY Drive North while the road was closed.  Transportation Services also assisted in the selection of a new and improved type of speed bump that would be installed at pedestrian cross walks to slow down traffic and create a safer environment for pedestrians.

The work commenced on Monday August 20th, by end of day Friday August 24th the UPJO Contractor had cold planned the existing asphalt, installed a new petro mat, repaved and re-striped the entire length of the street as planned.  Thank you to Facilities Grounds for shutting off irrigations systems, Transportation Services for traffic control assistance and EH&S for air monitoring assistance in support of the Project.