Updated On January 17, 2019 - 2:42pm – 3 mins

One towel is enough – waste reduction and diversion at work

One towel is enough graphic

“One towel is enough” stickers are popping up all around campus on all roll towel dispensers in an effort to become a more sustainable campus. “The concept helps to educate our campus community on supporting sustainability by reducing how many paper towels we use to dry our hands after washing them. It’s the small things that count. Especially in this situation where less is truly more,” Director, Custodial and Grounds, Justin Wisor, said. “Reduction of waste is the most important strategy in the solutions hierarchy to achieve Zero Waste.”

To help further support the cause, the Custodial Department is changing the waste streams in the restroom to support composting of paper towels. Director Wisor commented, “So not only are we using less, we are composting what we are using.” 

With the introduction of the compost into the restrooms, Custodial will be installing new green compost cans. These formerly blue-colored cans were once used at UCLA in support of the white paper recycling program but have been decommissioned and repurposed for compost. This idea created and lead by Chris Gallego, Grounds Senior Superintendent, UCLA – Custodial and Grounds Department. 

“As we continue to push forward in developing our infrastructure to support sustainability and Zero Waste, it is crucial to reuse and repurpose as many items as we can. Chris Gallego has demonstrated the leadership we need from our staff to identify opportunities in their area, “stated Director Wisor. 

Don’t worry, for those who have small trash items that they normally would have been discarded in the waste cans in the restrooms, facilities will still support landfill cans either in the restrooms or close by.

Remember, the next time you wash your hands, “one towel is enough.”