A Smoother Road: Campus Re-paving Projects

  • October 21, 2019

This summer, Facilities Management (FM) completed a partial repaving and striping project along Charles Young Drive East from Dickson Court to Tiverton Drive.  The road had deteriorated from the winter storms over the past two years and the regular maintenance to the campus’ underground utilities, and were in desperate need of repaving.  Completed over three half-week phases in late August and early September, the work included scarifying the existing asphalt and re-paving with new asphalt and new striping.  It also included a bike lane on both sides of the roadway.  Project manager Kirk Findley spearheaded the work.  FM is planning on completing a similar re-paving project during the winter break for the stretch of road along Westwood Boulevard from Charles Young Drive South to Strathmore Boulevard.

new repaved road