Summer Classroom Refresh Projects

  • October 21, 2019

Facilities Management (FM) collaborated with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (formerly the Office of Instructional Development) to complete several classroom refresh projects this summer in our continuous efforts to provide quality learning environments for students and faculty. The spaces included two lecture halls and two classrooms in Bunche Hall, two lecture halls in Haines Hall, three small classrooms in Royce Hall and one classroom in Dodd Hall. All of these spaces were in need of upgrades to facilitate improved learning environments. The work included upgrading the finishes, seating, audio visual systems and lighting to improve these lecture spaces.

In Haines Hall, FM reconfigured the stepped seating to improve sightlines by reconfiguring the tiers to allow for two rows of seating per tier, with the front row having swivel seats to allow for student to student collaboration during the class. In the Bunche Hall lecture spaces, FM also reconfigured the stepped seating to improve sightlines, and the capacity increased to 148 seats each. In all of the spaces, new finishes, lighting and audio visual systems were installed to provide a more pleasant environment for students to focus on their education. All of these projects are part of a long-term effort to modernize all of the general assignment classrooms on campus to keep them current for today’s teaching pedagogies.

Royce Hall before

Royce Hall - before

Royce Hall - after

Royce Hall - after