Used Furniture Finds New Life, UCLA Takes Step Toward Zero Waste

  • August 27, 2019

Many departments on campus have been storing furniture in hopes that it will find its way to a new home. UCLA Zero Waste Task Force has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity in hopes that unused furniture will find a new life in the community while committing to diversion goals for the University.

A recent announcement made by Custodial and Grounds Director, Justin Wisor, helped to lift the spirits of many who have awaited an answer to move these items out of their departments. Director Wisor shared, “As we work toward achieving diversion, we want to reduce and reuse as many items as possible. Teaming with Habitat for Humanity will ensure furniture that once went to the landfill will find a new beginning in our local communities. This being one of many partnerships we have developed with our local community to donate unused and unwanted items back to those who can use them. The best part of this is it is free to departments who want to share in this venture.”

This adds to the growing initiatives that have been developed and supported by Kikei Wong, Zero Waste Coordinator for the Custodial and Grounds division within Facilities Management.

“Kikei has worked hard in developing relations not only within our University, but also within our community to connect together producers of reusable items as well as homes for what would once become buried within mounds of trash in landfills. Kikei has been a critical player, actually a leader in ensuring any methods of diversion don’t go untested and unfulfilled,” stated Director Wisor. Kikei has worked with many nonprofits within the greater Los Angeles area including Habitat for Humanity to push for greater diversion strategies while helping others in need.

The Custodial and Grounds Department will help in coordinating pickups for any unused furniture and or bulky items that departments no longer wish to store.

Please see our Recycling Request Form for more information or to request a pickup.

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