FM Billing on the Web

All costs, frequently referred to as time and materials, for blanket orders are recharged to your department on the General Ledger. You can view your monthly billing statement for each blanket order on line. Past bills are archived and retrievable on line. You may also run reports for specific time frames. If you do not have access to Billing on the Web (BOTW) you can sign up as a new user by contacting the Customer Service Center at (310) 206-8847.

You may also go to to look up your requested work. Put the request number or job number into the look up box and press "go". To look up your job by work order number, use the Advanced Search link and enter the work order.

For estimated jobs, you receive a fixed price for the work requested, e.g., $45,000 to renovate a student lounge area. The entire amount is liened when you approve the estimate: the job is then billed 75% at the time of the lien and the additional 25% when the job is completed. These charges appear on the General Ledger.