Our goal at Facilities Management is to serve the campus community in the safest, most efficient manner possible.  It is our intent, and indeed our duty, to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all Facilities Management employees.  Similarly, our employees are expected to perform their work safely and in compliance with all State and UC regulations.  The Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Manual for our organization holds everyone responsible for ensuring these goals and expectations are met.


graph of serious injury rate trending 2013 through 2018

The Safety Program at UCLA Facilities Management has a lot to be proud of with its recent success, thanks to the attention and vigilance of our workforce.

Over the past five years, our Serious Injury Rate has decreased dramatically from 21.1% in 2014, 17.2% in 2015, 11.2% in 2016, 10.8% in 2017, and most recently 6.1% in 2018.

There is still work to do to reach our goal of falling below industry standards, and our organization will continue to make achieving this goal a priority. We also recently overhauled our employee Safety Incentive Program, in order to foster even more safety consciousness into our daily operations. Our program emphasizes leading indicators and encourages proactive safe work practices.   

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