Service Request FAQs

The FSR form can be filled out at

You will need a Blanket number and a tag number to fill out the FSR form if you want work done without an estimate.  If you need an estimate, you will need your Full Accounting Unit (FAU).  There are four options on the FSR page: Existing Blanket requests, New Blanket number requests, Written Estimate requests, and Design & Project Management requests.  If you are unsure which option to choose, please call Customer Service at (310) 206-8847

The Blanket number is the number that Facilities uses to identify your account. Blanket numbers are assigned to FAUs much like a checking account number is linked to your bank account. If you are unsure of your Blanket, check with your accounting department or your MSO. They can give you the information they need to fill out the FSR or they can do it for you.

Check with your accounting department or MSO.

Enter your Department on the FSR page and click the blue Blanket # link to enter your recharge ID. A list will appear showing you the Blanket number(s) associated with the Recharge number.