Campus Maintenance Services

The Campus Maintenance Department of Facilities Management encompasses the grounds and custodial staff. The responsibility of the grounds staff is to make sure that the sprinkler system is working properly, the landscaping is well maintained, the streets are clean and the trash is picked up. The custodial area consists of 4 different sections: The day/weekend shift whose job is to open all buildings and general assignment classrooms, monitor restrooms, arrange set ups of tables and chairs for events of up to 10. The North District, the South District and School of Medicine personnel are in charge of detailed cleaning of the campus and making sure the buildings are closed at their respective times. In effect, the custodial area provides campus-wide services 7 days a week, on an average of 20 hours per day.

Campus Maintenance is responsible for recycling activities such as: white ledger, mixed paper, wood, electronic waste (computers, printers, fluorescent lamps), printer cartridges, cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic and metal. The department is also responsible for handling Solid Waste Management issues, Integrated Pest Management, minor maintenance and emergency response (i.e. floods and hazardous spills).

E.J. Kirby, Director(310) 206-3041 
Vacant, Principal Admin Asst. I(310) 825-6921 
Richard Ohara, Sr. Superintendent(310) 825-1827 
Miles Kitasato, Asst. Superintendent(310) 206-4993 
Art Tieck, Asst. Superintendent(310) 794-0095 

Special Services (Day)

Bettye Cain, Custodial Supervisor (310) 206-3254 
Vacant, Custodial Supervisor(310) 206-2741 

Evening Custodial Services

Armando DeLeon, Sr. Superintendent-North District(310) 825-7658 
Selina George, Asst. Superintendent(310) 206-9728  
Robert Lazo, Asst. Superintendent(310) 206-7256 
Frances Haney, Sr. Superintendent- South District(310) 825-0195  
Hattie Gregory, Asst. Superintendent(310) 206-5671 
Marco Molina, Asst. Superintendent(310) 206-3871 

School of Medicine

Victor Silverman, Asst. Superintendent(310) 206-1312  
Yvonne Humphrey, Recycling Coordinator(310) 825-1527