Campus Medical Services

Facilities Management is also responsible for the care and cleaning of all CHS facilities and their out-lying buildings. Our highly skilled and thoroughly trained professionals keep over one million square feet of space impeccably clean on a daily basis.

Due to the delicate physical nature which accompanies medical facilities, we have highly specialized and enhanced programs, such as special detailed cleaning of dental chairs to the daily dusting of even the most extreme fixtures within all the clinics and requested facilities.

Considering the sensitive nature of the CHS customers, we use as environmentally clean, as anti-allergy sensitive, yet as bacteria cleansing effective products as possible.

If you have any questions or comments about our services, please study the list below to identify whether we are responsible for your building:

  • Doris Stein Eye Research Center 
  • Jules Stein Eye Institute 
  • Marion Davies Children's Center 
  • UCLA School of Dentistry 
  • Factor Building 
  • Bio-Medical Library 
  • CHS Medial School 
  • Public Health 
  • Brain Research Institute 
  • Reed 
  • Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging 
  • Vivarium - Animal Care 
  • O.P.D. - Out Patient Department

We can be reached anytime to answer your questions at the contact information below.