Daily Cleaning Requirements


Empty and reline trash receptacles as needed 

Erase / dust chalkboards and chalk trays / whiteboards 

Spot mop floor 

Sweep or vacuum floor


  1. Clean / sanitize drinking fountains
  2. Sweep and spot mop floor


  1. Empty and reline trash receptacles as needed**
  2. Pick up trash, paper clips, etc. from tile floors / carpets as needed**

**duty performed every other day


  1. Empty and reline trash receptacles 
  2. Check soap dispenser and refill as needed
  3. Clean mirrors 
  4. Mope floor with germicide
  5. Restock paper supplies
  6. Sweep floor
  7. Wipe soap dispenser including spigot
  8. Wash / sanitize toilets, urinals, face bowls 


  1. Check and sweep as needed

  2. Remove unauthorized materials on wall / doors such as advertisements, posters, flyers, etc.