Design & Project Management

Whether your renovation involves a complex scope of work or you just need assistance in selecting colors and finishes, the Facilities Management Design and Project Management staff are available to assist you in achieving the greatest benefit for the money invested.

Project Management

It is a long road from visualizing the initial concept to realizing a completed renovation. Our project managers work on your behalf to ensure that project goals and objectives are met. We work with you from the onset to help identify your needs and develop estimates of probable costs and a project time-line scenario. We also coordinate consultant activity and administer the plethora of related issues. As the project develops, the project manager identifies the most cost effective and timely means of construction including the use of construction work order contracts (CWOCs). CWOCs are pre-bid, annual contracts pioneered by DPM for the UC system. CWOCs avoid time and expenses associated with formal bidding and virtually eliminate the general contractor overhead and profit expense.

DPM projects are managed on a cost plus fee basis. You pay only the actual project-related costs, plus a small fee for project management. The project management fee is typically 4-7% of the construction cost.

Design Services

The University is required to comply with numerous governing building codes and regulatory agencies. Our architectural production staff is well versed in these requirements that, together with our vast knowledge of campus infrastructure and the overall repetitive nature of our business, allow us to produce construction documents 25% to 40% below private industry costs.

Our interior design staff can help you with space planning, selecting furniture and finishes or, on a larger scale, developing schemes to enhance the overall working environment for staff, students, faculty and the public.

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Design and Project Management
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