Maintenance Shops

Most building repair and maintenance requests begin in Trouble Call and are dispatched to over 750 employees in custodial, grounds and construction related trades.

Carpentry Shop: 

  • Fabrication and installation of custom cabinets, minor construction, doors, windows, walls and wooden furniture.

Paint Shop:

  • All exterior and interior patch and painting and furniture staining.

Electrical Shop:

  • All fire and intrusion alarm systems, high voltage and all electrical power for offices, labs and classroom facilities.

Flooring Shop:

  • Installation of all carpeting and vinyl flooring.

Hardware Shop:

  • All keys and doors and installation of locks utilizing conventional systems and omni-lock systems.

Sheetmetal Shop:

  • Fabrication of ductwork, fume hoods, fencing and customizing metal work.

Mason Shop:

  • All concrete applications and exterior and interior title and brick work.  


  • All minor roofing repairs.

Sign Shop:

  • Fabrication and installation of all nameplates, signs and custom graphic designs.

Plumbing Shop:

  • Repair and replacement of sewer and storm drains, water mains, pipes, restroom fixtures, emergency deluge systems and gas systems.

Engineering Shops:

  • Repair all HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, digital building controls, and specialized medical and research equipment. Responsible for all pools and fountains throughout campus.
  1. North Zone
  2. South Zone
  3. DDC Shop

Elevator Shop:

  • Maintain and repair all elevators and conveyances. Respond to all emergency "stuck & occupied" calls on campus and medical center complex.

Custodial Shops:

  • Clean state funded facilities, provide various special services 7 days a week. 
  1. Day/Weekend Crew
  2. North District
  3. South District
  4. School of Medicine  


  • Design, install, and maintain campus landscape, hardscape, irrigation and waste removal.
  1. North District 
  2. South District
  3. West District  
  4. Central District
  5. Irrigation       

Night Crew:

  • Cleans and maintains all gutters on campus buildings. Provides support of all trades and on-going projects.