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Whether remodeling and modernizing classrooms, discovering better ways to illuminate the campus, maximize water usage and increase recycling, or responding to campuswide emergencies, UCLA Facilities Management is here to serve the campus community.

Maintenance done in state-funded space to the buildings, grounds or fixed equipment (e.g., central heating and air conditioning, doors, windows, etc.) as well as routine custodial service is funded by Facilities Management at no charge to the client. The most common types of maintenance requests are temperature adjustments, relamping of ceiling fixtures, repairing leaky faucets and unclogging drains. To report a maintenance problem, call the 24-hour Trouble Call Center at (310) 825-9236.

Maintenance in or alterations to non-state funded space are funded by the client as recharges. Alterations and special services for state-supported space are also funded by the client as recharges. Examples of recharged work are custodial services for special events, installation of electrical outlets, increased HVAC for server rooms, shelving and redesign of offices, window washing and maintenance of departmental equipment such as cold boxes. To obtain services, you must submit a Facilities Service Requests to the Customer Service Center.

The Facilities Service Request form can be used for any Facilities Management work order from making a single key to renovating a suite of offices. If you are new to the campus or new to the function of submitting an FSR, you should review the below information about the options available to you in ordering and paying for Facilities Management services. If you find you need additional information please contact the Customer Service Center.

Blanket Orders

A blanket order is generally used for work orders which are for a single craft, completed within three days or less, and do not require significant planning by Facilities Management staff. A blanket number is alpha-numeric and assigned by Facilities Management Customer Service. Blanket numbers currently start with A, B or C and are followed by four numbers. The blanket number is linked to the account, fund, cost center and sub identified by your department when the blanket number is requested. If you are ordering Facilities services on your blanket number, you do not need to provide any accounting information as it is already stored in our systems.

All costs frequently referred to as time and materials, for blanket orders are recharged to your department on the General Ledger. You can view your monthly billing statement for each blanket order on line. If you do not have access to Billing on the Web (BOTW) you can sign up as a new user by contacting the Customer Service Center at (310) 206-8847.

Standing Blanket Orders

Standing blanket orders are a variation of the blanket order and are used primarily for the following purposes: to cover routine maintenance work in non-state funded areas, for trouble calls in non-state funded areas, to have regular custodial services provided in off-master areas, for specialized custodial services on a routine basis, or for frequently requested single craft work orders for either state or non-state funded areas. A standing blanket order does not require an FSR and you may call the request in to the Facilities Shop.

Estimated Jobs

Estimated jobs are for work services, which are of a more complex nature, typically involve more than one craft, and go on for a longer period of time. On an estimated job, you receive a fixed price for the work requested, e.g., $45,000 to renovate a student lounge area. The entire amount is liened when you approve the estimate: the job is then billed 75% at the time of the lien and the additional 25% when the job is completed.

Estimates completed by Crafts & Alterations or the Utilities Division are at no cost to you and will be provided to you typically within two weeks of the request. You are encouraged to ask for an estimate whenever you are requesting Facilities services and you are uncertain what the cost will be. Crafts & Alterations or the Utilities Division may work on estimated jobs costing up to $50,000 including the cost of materials.

Estimates for jobs between $50,000 and $250,000 are done by Design and Project Management. Academic departments may receive several hours of gratis project management time to assist in obtaining an estimate. Non-state funded areas will be charged for the project management time spent preparing the estimate.

Updating Account Information

Account updates are done via email. You can send updates to

If you wish to update, change or otherwise modify any element of the accounting information linked to a blanket order, you should type in the following as a statement of work "Update account for this blanket number" to [complete the new accounting information].

If you wish to update, change, or otherwise modify any element of the accounting information linked to an estimated job, you need to type a similar statement as to the one above.

Account changes are effective with the date entered into our system; under no circumstances can an account change made by Customer Service be retroactive. Your accounting area can, of course, do a non-payroll adjustment, which will accomplish the retroactive changes if needed.

Trouble Calls

Trouble calls are urgent maintenance requests which must be called in to extension 59236. Requests for trouble call assistance should not be submitted on the FSR.

The Trouble Call Center provides an "Online Trouble Ticket" to request routine, non urgent jobs to restore, repair or replace existing equipment or services in State Funded buildings.

*Online Trouble Ticket should not be used if there is a safety issue or if there is a potential of structural, building or grounds damage. Contact the Trouble Call Center, 24/7 at (310) 825-9236 for all issues requiring immediate response.

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