Weekly Cleaning Requirements

Classroom Detailing

1. Dust all vents within 12’

2. Dust all high ledges and window sills

3. Dust tops of projection screens

4. Dust / damp wipe doors (both sides) and door jambs

5. Dust and spot clean walls

6. Erase / dust chalkboards and chalk trays / whiteboards

7. Sweep entire floor including corners

8. Wash and reline all trash receptacles

9. Wash / damp wipe all desks, seats, table arms, backing, lecterns, etc.

Corridor Detailing

1. Clean drinking fountains and surrounds wall areas

2. Dust and clean ledges and sills

3. Dust and spot clean walls and door facings

4. Dust vents

5. Mop floor

6. Spray / buff main corridors

7. Wash entrance glass

Restroom Detailing

1. Clean door jambs and facings

2. Dust all vents

3. Dust partitions and ledges

4. Scrub clean floor, baseboard and corners underneath toilets

5. Spot clean wall

6. Sweep floor thoroughly

7. Wash partitions and remove graffiti