Energy Saving Tips

Shutting down heating and cooling and minimizing electrical usage in  non-essential operations over Winter Break and Summer Sundays led to energy savings for the entire campus.

To address energy conservation in as broad a manner as possible, Facilities Management, at the request of the Chancellor, formed an advisory group of professors, administrative deans, financial experts and engineers to look at UCLA's energy use. The group developed a series of energy initiatives endorsed by the Chancellor and implemented by Facilities Management and the campus. The foremost of these initiatives has been the closure of the campus during the Winter Break period. The closure saved $200,000 during fiscal year 2003-2004, the first year of its implementation. Savings of approximately $250,000 have been achieved in each succeeding year. A second program outlined by the advisory group was implemented in summer 2005. This program reduced the amount of air conditioning in selected campus buildings on summer Sundays, holidays and three-day weekends. The program contributed $200,000 in energy savings in 2005 and similar results in each succeeding year.

Energy Services & Utilities
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