Grounds Maintenance

Grounds staff provide a variety of outdoor maintenance services. Primary duties include general garden maintenance, litter collection, and hard surface cleaning. In addition to these tasks, our office provides integrated exterior pest management, minor irrigation repairs and maintenance, as well as small landscape design, construction, and planting projects. Landscape & Grounds also provides trash containers and clean-up services for special events.

Below is a list of the services provided:

  • Turf Mowing, Edging, Trimming, Overseeding, Aerification, Reseeding, Sodding, Fertilization
    Mowing is performed on the same scheduled service day of each week. Exclusions to the regular schedule occur during holidays and inclement weather.
  • Tree Pruning and Maintenance
    Tree pruning is performed with the intent of developing structurally sound trees and a symmetrical appearance typical of the species with proper safety clearance and access.
  • Shrub Pruning and Maintenance: Shrubs are kept in a healthy, vigorous condition, free from disease and large concentrations of pests. Shrubs are pruned with hand shears as needed to provide an informal shape, fullness, and blooms.
  • Groundcover and Vine Maintenance: Groundcover is kept free of weeds, litter, debris, and leaves and is pruned up to four times a year to maintain a level and consistent height.
  • Pest Control and Weed Abatement: Grounds uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control insects, diseases, and weeds on and around perennials, ground covers, shrubs, vines, and trees. This includes frequent monitoring and spot treatment as necessary using the least toxic methods.
  • Hardscape Cleaning, Including All Walks and Recreational Courts: All hardscape, including stepping-stones and decomposed granite walks, is inspected daily and maintained in a neat, clean, and safe condition at all times. During normal maintenance, all hard surface areas are inspected for uplifts and tripping hazards. All uplifts and tripping hazards are immediately barricaded or cordoned off using “Caution” tape, and the supervisor is notified.
  • Irrigation Maintenance and Repairs: All landscaped and turf areas are irrigated as required to maintain adequate growth, health, and appearance, regardless of plant type or soil condition. Water use is regulated to avoid excessively wet or waterlogged areas, which can cause a decline in plant health, prevent turf mowing, and create excessive water run-off onto streets and structures.

Litter/Trash Cleanup and Graffiti Removal: We provide complete policing and litter pick-up for the removal of paper, glass, trash, and limbs. Supplemental litter removal service is performed by non-profit agencies employing people with developmental disabilities. Facilities Management has created an environment in which they can help themselves gain the skills, support, and confidence they need in order to have fully productive and meaningful lives.

Landscape & Grounds
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