Landscape & Grounds Overview

UCLA Campus encompasses approximately 419 acres. Landscape & Grounds is responsible for all state-funded properties, including the William Clark Library (located in the West Adams District of Los Angeles). We also maintain several non-state-funded recharge units, such as Transportation & Parking Services and Cultural & Recreational Affairs.

Grounds staff provide a variety of outdoor maintenance services. Primary duties include general horticultural maintenance, litter collection, and hardscape cleaning.

Grounds maintenance is based upon intended use, design, and present condition. For existing mature sites, the intent is to maintain the existing elements by keeping plants healthy and preventing deterioration caused by weather damage, vandalism, and normal usage. We incorporate the idea of succession planting, such as allowing native or endemic plants to take over rough grassed areas or non-irrigated landscape areas. Where plants are overgrown or in decline, a planting master plan program for their gradual replacement is implemented.

Health and safety is our primary concern. We provide a planned program of landscape and grounds care that includes turf and intramural sports field maintenance, shrub and tree maintenance, new landscape plantings, non-potable irrigation system maintenance, road and walkway cleaning, exterior landscape pest control in keeping with Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and green waste recycling.

Landscape & Grounds
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Campus Maintenance
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