Mixed Paper, Cardboard & Other Materials

Non-white paper recyclables including newspapers are collected from most UCLA buildings by our custodial staff and placed in blue, three cubic-yard dumpsters located near the facility. While these blue bins accept all recyclables, including aluminum, glass and plastics, they are filled mainly with cardboard and mixed paper.

UCLA recycles over 600,000 pounds of cardboard and 1.3 million pounds of mixed paper annually. In campus buildings with significant quantities of paper waste, Facilities Management custodians perform a "negative sort," putting uncontaminated paper from trash cans into separate bags that are then sent out to be recycled as mixed paper.

Blue bins outside campus buildings receive all recyclables including cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum, glass and plastic.

We are constantly refining mixed paper collection systems. Along with the conversion of "Newspaper Only" outdoor recycling bins to mixed paper, these projects help UCLA and Facilities Management recycle a much greater proportion of paper waste.

Collected as part of the Mixed Paper Recycling program, newspapers make up part of the nearly 1.3 million pounds of mixed paper recycled annually. Newspaper recycling bins have been placed throughout campus. They are especially useful for recycling the 20,000 Daily Bruin newspapers that are circulated each day. Since mid-Fall 1998, you have been able to put all grades of paper into the newspaper receptacles, significantly expanding the Facilities Management Recycling Program.

Recycle your Daily Bruin newspaper in the mixed paper recycling bins located throughout the campus.

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