Ways to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycle Your Ink Jet/Laser Jet Cartridges

Facilities Management is committed to recycling inkjet and laser jet cartridges. Cartridges should be sent to our recycling office for proper disposal. Campus Maintenance c/o Recycling Coordinator 151308.

Computer Recycling

Due to regulations promulgated by the Department of Toxic Substances Control, computers, monitors, lamps, ballasts, and other electronic devices are part of universal waste. It is illegal to throw away any electronic device in the trash cans. If you wish to have such items picked up, you must submit an FSR to Facilities Management and we will take care of it. The labor charge for this service is approximately $37/hr.


Every year, millions of CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs are thrown in the trash. These disks end up in landfills and incinerators causing unnecessary damage to our environment. UCLA Software Central is coordinating a campus-wide initiative to recycle old CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs. Please visit the Software Central website for more information on this program and disk drop-off locations.

Other Programs

You are also encouraged to practice recycling at home. The City of Los Angeles has various recycling programs dealing with household hazardous waste disposal.

Old cellular phones can be recycled by donating them to the Wireless Foundation. The Wireless Foundation will take them whether they work or not. If they are in working condition, they are programmed to assist victims of domestic violence. If they are not working, the Foundation will dispose of them in a safe way.

Recycling & Waste Management
Phone: (310) 825-3971 

Facilities Management Building, Suite 2120
731 Charles E. Young Drive South
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1513
Mail Code: 151308