White Paper

Facilities Management focuses on recycling white paper because it is a particularly important recycling commodity. While many grades of paper can only be recycled into ceiling felt or home insulation, white paper can be recycled to produce still more white paper. Recycling white paper helps protect the environment by allowing us to use fewer natural resources. Over 600 white paper recycling bins have been strategically placed in copy rooms and computer labs throughout campus. The effort now recycles over 600,000 pounds of white paper per year.

If your on-campus office does not have white paper bins, call the Recycling Hotline at (310) 825-3971 to obtain a White Paper Recycling Receptacle Request Form. The form requires information on:

  • Location
  • Department
  • Contact Person
  • Extension
  • Signatures of the requestor and the Building Coordinator (optional)

Once the receptacle is in place and fills for the first time, call the Hotline (310) 825-3971 for a pick-up. After a few more weeks when you determine how frequently the bin fills, call the Hotline again to establish a regular pick up schedule. All buildings have scheduled pick-up dates. You can also call for special, one-time pick-ups if the receptacle fills unexpectedly fast. If you have more than 5 bags at any given time for a pick-up, you will be required to submit an FSR.

The white paper program succeeds only when all of us place white paper (and only white paper) in the recycling bins. While newspapers and other paper grades are recyclable, their presence in white paper bins changes the recycling category from white paper to mixed paper, a less valuable recycling category. Thank you for your cooperation in placing only white paper into the appropriate recycling bins.

Recycling & Waste Management
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