UCLA Policy 810: Smoke-free Environment

UCLA intends to modify the current 20 foot no smoking zone imposed by California law in 1994 to the 25 foot no smoking zone required by the US Green Building Council Standards for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for all new construction projects and significant renovations. The change in policy is slated to become effective on September 21, 2009. Comments regarding the proposed change to the policy may be directed to the Gail Cowling at extension 64181.

Smoking shall only be permitted in certain areas on campus as noted below: 

A. Smoking will not be permitted in the following areas on campus:

University owned, occupied or leased buildings, except in covered parking lots and Private Residential Space. Private Residential Space means a private living area, but it does not include common areas such as lobbies, lounges, waiting areas, elevators, stairwells and restrooms that are a structural part of a multi-complex building such as a residence hall; 

Within twenty-five feet of a main exit or entrance or operable window of a University-owned, occupied or leased building; and, 

University vehicles, including buses, automobiles, shuttles, trucks and vans.

B. Smoking is permitted in the following areas:

Outdoors, but not within twenty-five (25) feet of main exits or entrances, or outdoor air intakes or operable windows of buildings, or where otherwise prohibited by authorized signage; 

Private Residential Space; and, 

Outdoor eating areas, unless designated as no smoking.

For a more in-depth details of the 'Modification of Policy 810-Smoke-Free-Environment', please visit the link under Related Information.

Comments regarding the proposed change to the policy may be directed to Gail Cowling.

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