Overview of Services

Facilities Management supports UCLA’s mission by maintaining and enhancing buildings, grounds and the physical infrastructure in a cost-effective, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Our Services Include:

Energy Management

With more than 25 million square feet of building space, the energy needed for heating and cooling, lighting, and powering the UCLA campus is substantial. Managing those energy demands is critical to the University's mission.    

Utility Distribution

Most of us go about our daily business and don’t give much thought to the major utilities until one or more do not work. The lights won’t turn on; there’s no hot water in the Wooden Center; storm water is backing up and causing a traffic jam on Tiverton; how can I make coffee with no water? All these utility distribution systems are supplied and maintained by Facilities Management.

Building Repair & Maintenance

Facilities Management provides a broad array of professional facility services. Basic maintenance of state funded buildings is provided at no charge to your department. Additional maintenance services, repair of department-purchased equipment, and facility improvements are available through recharge or service agreements.

Recycling & Waste Management

The Facilities Management Recycling Program enhances the UCLA environment by diverting substantial amounts of refuse from landfills and encouraging more responsible use of natural resources. Initiated in 1990, the program currently recycles nearly 9 million pounds generated annually by the UCLA community.

Custodial Services

Providing custodial services for UCLA's over 12 million combined state supported and client requested square footage is an enormous task. We cater to all areas of our University, including specialized areas such as vivaria, recreational facilities, wet and dry laboratories and patient care areas. We provide support to special events and emergency response.

Landscape & Grounds

Our Grounds Staff are highly skilled in the Landscape Discipline, with decades' worth of work experience in Landscape Construction and Maintenance. We have licensed Landscape Architects, Pest Control Advisors, Certified Horticulturalists, Irrigation Water Auditors, highly skilled Arborists, Turf Specialists and Project Managers. In addition, Grounds Maintenance offers a wide range of first-rate, non-state funded services to the University for a nominal fee.

Renovations & Alterations

If you are considering renovating an area of your department or building, our staff has unparalleled experience in the development of medical, research, office and educational space. We will assist you in achieving the greatest benefit for the funds invested.

Space Inventory

Space Inventory Services maintains a comprehensive database on space occupied by UCLA programs, including off campus and residential properties. The office also maintains a library of building floor plans, most of which are in AutoCAD format. Space data reported each Fall to the Office of the President become UCLA's official Space Inventory for the year.

Emergency Response

During the course of any day at UCLA, a situation could arise that requires an immediate response. Facilities Management personnel routinely respond to flooding, power interruptions, critical equipment failures and fire.

Project Management

At DPMO, our Project Management Philosophy begins with an established objective: a defined life span with a beginning and an end; specific time, cost, and performance requirements.