Smart HVAC Scheduling Program

In recognition of the updated UC sustainability goals, and to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and cut campus operating costs, the Smart HVAC Scheduling Program reduces and/or turns off non-essential air conditioning and heating during off hours, weekends and all university holidays. For holiday dates visit the UCLA calendar. In addition to these year round conservation measures, a more extensive closure takes place during the winter holidays.  

If shutting down or reducing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) services during a specific time will have a severe adverse impact on research or other critical operations, please complete scheduling requests/exceptions using the Smart HVAC Scheduling Exception Application form and submit to:

Robert Striff
Senior Energy Engineer, Energy Services
Phone (mobile): (310) 221-1794
[email protected]   
Alternate Contact: Lewis Rosman
Director, Energy Services
Phone: (310) 206-3856
[email protected]

Buildings Included in Smart HVAC Scheduling Program


Building name notes/exceptions
Broad Art  
Bunche Hall   
Campbell Hall   
Campus Services Building 1  Data Center A/C to remain on 
Dodd Hall   
Doris Stein Eye Institute  Lab areas (3rd Floor) to remain on
East Melnitz Building   
Facilities Management (Cogen)  Data Center A/C to remain on 
Haines Hall  Data Center A/C to remain on 
Hershey Hall   
Humanities Building   
Kaufman Hall   
Knudsen Hall   
La Kretz Hall   
Math Sciences  Data Center A/C to remain on 
Murphy Hall - East   
Murphy Hall - West   
Perloff Hall   
Physics & Astronomy Building  Lab areas (A and B Floors) to remain on
Powell Library  Off Sundays Only; Sensitive Collections to remain on
Public Affairs Building  Arts Library to remain on Saturdays
Rolfe Hall   
Strathmore Building  Mail Floor and Data Center A/C to remain on
West Alumni Center  Exceptions to be made per weekly events schedule 

Building Services

Building services and operating conditions, with the exception of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) will not be affected by the program. Access to buildings will be in the normal condition for weekends (building that are normally open will be open, trash pickup and bathroom restocking will not be affected, etc.). HVAC will be reduced or eliminated in designated non-laboratory campus buildings except for areas requiring conditioned air to protect artifacts, musical instruments, temperature-sensitive books and research materials. Cooling will be provided to protect electronic equipment in server rooms and other critical data rooms. Laboratories, vivarium, patient areas and campus housing will not be affected by this initiative.

  • Are you turning off lights?
  • Lights will be turned off in unoccupied areas but can be turned on again at the local main switches. If you should choose to work during these scheduled times, please do remember to turn off the lights behind you upon leaving the area.

  • Do I need a key to get in?
  • Building hours when buildings will be locked or unlocked will NOT be altered due to the Smart HVAC Scheduling program.

  • What time will the building air be turned off or curtailed and put back in service?
  • For weekends, most buildings will be turn off as normally scheduled on Friday and turn back on as normally scheduled on Monday mornings.  For holidays, most buildings will be turned off at night on the day prior and turned back on the morning after the holiday at the normally scheduled time for the building. 

    Buildings will be either setback (i.e., space temperature changed) or turned off, as indicated on the Building Status List. Some areas of the building may still be maintained to protect computers, temperature-sensitive materials, etc.

  • Will our hot water heater be out of service too?
  • Although hot water heating was not available during the longer winter break interim, the hot water will NOT be affected during other times of the Smart HVAC Scheduling Program.

  • What number should I call if utility problems in the buildings should arise?
  • Please call the Facilities Management Trouble Call Center at (310) 825-9236.

  • What about those buildings not mentioned in the Building Status List? Will they be supported with HVAC?
  • Buildings NOT listed on the Building Status list will be left on normal mode and will not be affected by this summer's HVAC Reduction Program. The list may be updated, however, so it should be checked periodically.

  • What are some energy conservation tips I can be doing?
  • Your help is needed! All departments, building coordinators and employees are requested to please support reducing energy costs by implementing the following energy conservation measures whenever possible:

    Computers & Other Office Equipment

    • Turn off all personal appliances including fans, radios and desk lamps
    • Turn off all office equipment including computers, monitors, printers, plotters, facsimile machines, shredders, typewriters and overhead task lights every night and every weekend.
    • Turn off all equipment in computer labs. If you can't turn off the whole computer, turn off the monitor and the printer.
    • Enable power management features on laser printers and/or turn off laser printers when not actively printing.
    • Screen savers do not save energy, but giving your computer a nap does. Enable power management features so your computer monitor and hard drive will go into a low power (blank screen) "sleep mode" when not actively in use.

    When purchasing any office equipment, be sure to consider Energy Star models that "power down" after a specified period of inactivity.

    Heating and Cooling

    • Reset local thermostats or turn units off. If you have a programmable thermostat, use it to its best advantage by setting an energy conservation mode at optimum times.
    • Where you have control of your thermostat, set the heating point to no greater than 68 degrees and cooling to no less the 74 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • During the summer season, close blinds, drapes and curtains to reduce heat gain from windows that receive direct sunlight.
    • Keep windows and exterior doors closed in heated or air conditioned areas.


    • Use natural lighting from windows or skylights instead of electrical lighting whenever possible.
    • Replace incandescent desk lamps with the lower wattage LED lamps whenever possible.
    • Turn off all unnecessary lights, including excess overhead lighting, lighting in unoccupied rooms, and lights in equipment and storage areas. Maintain security and safety lighting at the lowest acceptable levels.


    • Turn off all office and kitchen/lunch room appliances including copiers, printers, microwaves, toaster ovens and coffee pots every night and weekend.
    • Turn off all specialty equipment that will not be used over the weekend and holidays.
    • Set fume hoods to minimum open when not in use.
    • Use hot water sparingly. Conserve water. Turn off water taps when not in use.
    • Please report bad thermostats and any air or faucet leaks to Facilities Management Trouble Call Center at (310) 825-9236 or via the UCLA 311 app.