FM Electrical Team Takes Maintenance to New Heights

  • August 24, 2020
fm workers making repairs

FM’s Electrical Team recently completed a challenging lighting repair project on the exterior stairwell of the eight-story Broad Art Center. The failed lighting fixtures could only be accessed from the building’s exterior,  requiring the electrical workers to use a large boom truck to reach the extended heights required.

The employees who participated on the project included Lead Electrician Jeremy Atteberry, Facilities Mechanic Xai Yang, Facilities Worker Jason Mair, Facilities Mechanic Norman Lopez and Facilities Worker Roberto Ramirez.

Edson Colmenares, Swing Shift Electrical Supervisor, said, “As the fixtures were getting removed, the guys on the ground were making the repairs and handing the fixtures back to install. They did a great job!”

The planning, execution and keen attention to safety on this high risk project were truly commendatory.  In addition, the pictures make it clear that this was no job for the weak of stomach! In the end, this was simply another fantastic performance by our incredible skilled trades team! Great job and THANK YOU!!

FM Electrical Facilities Mechanic Xai Yang and Facilities Worker Jason Mair make exterior lighting repairs on Broad Art’s exterior stairwells.

FM workers making repairs FM workers making repairs